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It seems that this coming Saturday, June 25 is going to be a real serious P.C. day.  I got a google alert about a Progressive Conservative Lobster/Chicken dinner at the legion. i thought that Steve Harper had already cooked the progressive out of the conservative. i am also not sure how progressive the chickens and lobsters think this really is and whether they are caught in a conflict of interest.


                 P.C. seems to stand for quite a few things in the neighbourhood of Parrsboro. According to the following announcements made at various events this past week that i attended;
 at “the Board of trade meeting at the geological museum”
 at ” the movie event at The Hall  ” sponsored by Parrsboro Creative (P.C.)
 at ” the opening of an art exhibit at Artlab where the speaker , after introducing the artist turned the hat on his head
        while mentioning the action as putting a different hat on, again in the name of (P.C.)  Parrsboro Creative. made another announcement.
Each of these announcements seem to be leading up to a crescendo of a coming Saturday orgy of announcements regarding some grants to be announced by some government officials, who will make a gesture of appearance in Parrsboro, undoubtedly using our money and as is usual without any community input other than by those who have chosen themselves to be our representatives .
       I am, by choice, out of the loop and no sleuth, but during these announcements ‘money, Parrsboro, art‘  kept reappearing. My knowledge of the Parrsboro Creative (P.C.) philosophy is limited to their information blurbs and my occasional glance at the web-site. The calendar, which carries 3 events for the month of June, makes no mention of the theater happenings, no mention of events at any of the museums (Geological,Ottawa House or Age of Sail) no mention of This coming Saturday “Money, Parrsboro & Art” orgy , no mention of any events at ‘The Hall”; curiously democratic there is not even mention of their own film night and no mention of the lobster and chicken event being put on by their Acronym-ed cousins over at the legion.
                 The philosophy of Parrsboro Creative (P.C.) seems to be to offer the makers and shakers of the creative world an opportunity to be “relocated” to Parrsboro, provided they meet the exacting conditions of Parrsboro Creative (P.C.) which are not described on the web-site, other than to be ‘World Class” and of “International stature”.
   i do have questions
  • objective # 1 Who is the Jury?  Which artists do they have targeted ?
  • objective#2  Where are these open studios for the 15 “selected and relocated artists”?
  • (i do have a personal issue with the terminology as almost all of my immediate family of my parents generation were both selected and relocated. They did not fare very well).
  • objective # 3  It seems to me that this is somewhat backwards.
  • objective #4& 6 are rather time sensitive as poor Parrsboro is soon to disappear and as for the marketing directorships, check out the web site and decide for yourself.
  • objectives #5 and #6 would be laudable if there was not so much secrecy,  self appointment, and community manipulation.
From The Parrsboro Creative web-site:  
Mission Statement
To create a vibrant artist and artisan community that will spearhead the rejuvenation and re-population of Parrsboro with established regional, national and international artists and artisans, working in a wide variety of disciplines.
  1. Undertake a regional, national and international juried search for a minimum of 15 selected artists to represent the core artist community.
  2. Artists will be encouraged to live in Parrsboro and create within an open studio environment and be an active member of their community.
  3. To establish an opportunity for emerging artists to contribute to the goals of the association.
  4. To work with the town of Parrsboro and a professional Marketing Director to realize the goals of the Association and market this project to consumers of artistic expression on a regional, national and international level.
  5. To establish either independently or through association with other organizations, an educational component via the establishment of workshops, residencies, mentorship, apprenticeships and other educational opportunities designed to assist new or established artists in furthering their skills.
  6. To assist in the development and promotion of other artistic endeavours, including competitions, festivals and exhibitions that will enhance and encourage the growth of  a vibrant arts community in the town of Parrsboro and surrounding area.

            Governments should not be allowed to have any control over the creative process. Censorship, favouritism, and cheapening is sure to follow. It is the very essence of government to control and manage.

           i do not particularly like negativity so i would offer the following suggestions as to how to value the creative community, using the aforementioned money earmarked by the governments, which could help to create a welcoming environment for creative people.  Below are a few ideas to use the funds:

  1.   Fund environments to show, display and value the works that people do.
  2. Invest in contemporary work by its value and not by who made it.
  3. Invest in the infra-structure of the town and area by sponsoring things like a bakery, ethnic restaurants, and other such additions to the town. This would be to everybody’s benefit and would bring economic and job benefits. This is what government mandate should be about.
  4. Encourage the hotel/motel/restaurant industry to be open year round.  Almost everybody is closed down  from mid October to May. There is nowhere to stay and nowhere to eat and it is very hard to keep any momentum if there is not continuity./ Winter can be wonderful.
  5. Re-establish public transit i.e. bus service and if possible restoration of the ferry service. This would be to everybody’s benefit.
  6. Stop dumping raw sewage onto the beaches surrounding Parrsboro. If it needs to be done by 2020, then just do it now.  This would be to everybody’s benefit.

These are just a few suggestions.


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Now that belongs in a museum

A few days ago a couple came into the Main & Station, just passing through, they said.  She gushed about this and about that, admired a painting or three, and wandered from here to there, touching, pointing, asking many questions.

i was in a gregarious mood and answered and pointed and offered.

She was amused by Shawn Mackinac’s mix-and-match ceramic dino-creatures and harvey lev’s colourful grids of happy but it was a 1994 oil painting by Jeanette Pekari, In Cézanne’s Garden, that caught her attention more than anything else. He sat down to flip through a book while she kept looking and talking.  She kept coming back to that painting so i took her up to the 3rd floor apartment and showed her another Pekari, a very stylized, colourful and textured view of a cityscape in which i see minarets and imagine dervishes.  She looked but said nothing. Then she pointed at a canvas by another artist and stated

“Now that belongs in a museum!  I couldn’t have that in my home”.

2nd floor gallery_mainandstation

i blurted some response about how we have some quite large work in our own home and back we went down the stairs.

We chit chatted some more about everything and nothing.  They asked all kinds of questions about who and what and why.  i answered more or less and most.  More people came in.  The couple wandered on. i got busy with more visitors and various whatevers and thought no more about it.

Until later.

When things got quiet again.

Bits and pieces, fragments of our interactions came back to puzzle me

tickling my brain.

i wish i had asked her why.

Why would you not have such a painting in your home?

The way she stated it implied, at first anyway, that she found it too accomplished or special or something to be in a private home.

That belongs in a museum”, she said.

But i am not sure.

i am not at all sure it is what she meant.

In fact, there is nothing about her i feel sure of; she seemed to me one of those people who are inherently mysterious

and if she turns out to have 11 secret identities

i will not be surprised.

As for her statement, my first interpretation of what she said relies on the assumption that to be in a museum is a good thing.  i do not know her and do not know what she thinks about anything.  Perhaps she would consider it a very bad thing to be in a museum.  Some people do consider museums, at least traditional large public ones, to be uninteresting and uninviting, or too impersonal and monumental.  i wonder if she has visited Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence and what she would think of his Modest Manifesto for Museums which asserts that “the future of museums is inside our own homes”.  She told me they are both in IT.  i wonder if she thinks about art on any given day or only when passing through places, in vacation mode. i wonder what sort of artworks might be found in her home.

As for the question of what art ought to be in museums, or otherwise accessible to the public, and what can find place in a private setting, for myself there is no distinction except for the practical and philosophical limitations imposed by any given work.  By which i mean that some work is simply too large or cumbersome.  Other work is created for and requires a larger public and of course some art explores subject matter one does not wish to confront and contemplate daily.  Otherwise i see no reason not to have art in the home and plenty of it.

What are your thoughts?

Is there artwork you would not have at home?  Why or why not?  What makes a piece suitable to live with?

Have you ever bought a work of art?

Have you ever bought a reproduction of a work of art?


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