i almost called it quits a few times in the past few days

but instead of quitting

i kept at it

even when i hated what i wrote.

so now here is #22… the challenge- Fan Fiction. i had to look that up. Too bad i stole the concept and characters cause it might very well be my fave of the lot…


# 21 required something sci-fi-ish delving into the meaninglessness of the universe, life and everything…oops_chall-21_jsb

#20 asked us to explore Boundary Issues… boundary_issues_-20_jsb

#19  to take inspiration from another medium or art movement… i chose Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter and enlisted harvey’s help…pollock-et-al_-challenge-19_jsb

img_2002-sCrossing over has either vastly improved the output or resulted in something more dreadful. Maybe i will decide tomorrow. In any case, the inspiration for the process came from Jackson Pollock’s drip technique as well as Gerhard Richter’s pre-prepared, hands-off abstracts. Some cut-up, collaboration, and random selection thrown in.

Richter prepares the support (usually board) and all the paint and brushes or squeegees or whatnot ahead of time. He then paints using tools that keep him at arm’s length from the work. One way he does this, for very large works, is to put the loaded brushes, or something rigid to smear the paint already on the support, on a trolley and move the trolley back and forth in the room so that the brushes or scraper run over the support and create a very interesting, abstract effect. This is usually repeated many times until something pleasing is achieved. Unfortunately time limitations means that the process we followed was not repeated to the point of achieving something that pleases as much as one might hope. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. Probably.
The process we used was as follows…
– first i hacked up the previous plays with an exacto knife and scissors.
– i separated the titles, the characters, and everything else.
– i smeared glue on a piece of gessoed cardboard and threw the various character names and descriptions onto the the sticky board along with, in one corner, all the words from previous titles
– i smeared glue on a wooden board and, inspired by Pollock’s dripping (also done flat on the floor and then sometimes tilted to achieve drippy runs), all the other parts were sprinkled onto it. After allowing for some drying time, the board was tilted so that anything not stuck on would fall off. It was then put down again and sprayed with adhesive. The fallen text fragments were thrown and pressed to the board and sprayed and thrown repeatedly.
img_2017  img_2019
– After some time for drying, the boards were presented to a friend who was asked to read off various randomly selected numbers of text fragments.  As the fragments were read off, i typed them into the template i have been using to write all the plays for 28 plays later. Before beginning i put 3 scene divisions into the template and after the first two characters were selected, i put random numbers of line headings into each scene. We stopped a scene when these were all given dialogue. Throughout the process, randomness was introduced and my friend, harvey lev, did not know the structure or character breakdown when reading off the fragments.  We did the following sequence…
  1. selected a few words from the “titles” section of the small board.
  2. select a few names , et cetera from the other areas of the board.
  3. used a pen and closed eyes to randomly select various sequences of dialogue and scene directions


All that produced the nonsense attached.
There remains quite a bit of script not yet glued to the board. Perhaps this will eventually be completed to be a larger and yet more 3-dimensional piece. I would also have liked to apply some actual paint, thus covering some of the text and leaving some exposed but more time is require for adhesive layers to dry otherwise the paint will not hold. Maybe some other day.
Some process pics attached as well.