That’s it. The last one has been sent off. Some truly dreadful creations but what the hey, i had fun. Gruelling fun but still fun.

So # 28 was a twist on #1… inspiration from the # 8291 (19:28 reversed)…talking_chall-28_jsb

The challenge for #27  was to revisit on of the previous challenges and write a new piece…i went with the look to the stars sci-fi prompt…phantom-hat_chall-27_jsb

#25 asked us to dig out an old idea or unfinished piece and finish it. I haven’t really written plays before and did not have anything so i took some poetic work and attempted to combine a few things into one piece. Blech. i sent it in anyway and went to sleep. The #26 asked us to take a piece, count the words, divide by 2, and edit the piece down. I took #25 and ended up with this…post_marital_halved_chall-26_jsb

#24 asked us to write in another language but still have it be entertaining for English speakers… Sexy Breakfast…sexy-breakfast_chall24_-jsb

And #23 asked us to write something radical. A lot of leeway was given on that – steal, onstage violence, politics, etc – but i still wasn’t quite sure where to go, so i settled for writing about the 28 plays and how they might be merged … liz_no_rehearsal_chall-23_jsb