12 Plays Later

Another futuristic challenge asking where language is going and how we might communicate and convey ideas in some undefined future time…  tubers_challenge-12_jsb


11 Plays Later

We were asked to consider the future of theatre using immersive multimedia… as many types as we could cram in.  Something for our world maybe 20 years from now…. here is my take…players_challenge-11_jsb

Rhubarb Season: 10 Plays Later

A neverending play, he said.  And don’t make it cyclical. hmmm….rhubarb-season_aleatory-10_jsb


A Fine Place: 9 Plays Later

The prompt for this was a famous Hemingway quote and a lot of blahblah as to whether we disagreed with some or all or none of it. There was also some suggestion of casting Hemingway as Pollyanna but i didn’t go there.


For more info about 28 Plays Later, see here

8 Plays Later: The Musical Bum

Today’s effort is supposed to be inspired by a song.  It is but i did not exactly follow all the possible constraints offered by this challenge.

Instead of only one song, i chose three.  i did use all the words of my main chosen song (Le Chant du Bum by Richard Desjardins) but lots of others besides.  I merged the challenge with an old lesson i created for teaching english to a class of grade 8s in Kathmandu… this story featured 2 songs already… Summertime and the ants Marching Song.

And though i used the words of the songs, i threw in plenty of other words too.

Not sure if it works, but it’s done. Time to move on to #9.


Full Autonomy : 7 Plays Later

So here it is,  a ride on a fully autonomous bus in play number 7,

or is it?!

One week down, three to go. full_autonomy_challenge-7_jsb

Slow Bus: 6 Plays Later

So this time around the constraint was to use the opening line provided and, if possible, also the closing line….        slow-bus_aleatory-6_jsb



5 Plays Later

Well, i procrastinated a lot yesterday and cut it awfully close.  Not sure how well it all holds together now since there must be some 3 or maybe even 10 or 15 scenes i meant to put in but didn’t get around to. Oh well, another day, another story. Time to move on. Yesterday’s murderous effort is attached. Have a great day folks.the-number-28-express-death-fest



28 Plays Later

Back in January an artist who i virtually met through the Leap Second Festival (harvey and i each participated in a one-second residency and hosted some 17 or 18 others for their leap second residencies… see here for the descriptions and results of the projects… sent me an email suggesting i might like to participate in this year’s edition of The Space’s “28 Plays Later”…

The challenge is to write a short play each day of February.  Each day Sebastian sends participants an email with a prompt… some of these are simple, others more complex. All are challenging, especially for one such as me who has never before even attempted to write a play.  But why not, i thought, it sounds like a lark.

And it is.

Also exhausting and somewhat hard on the brain.

Today is day 5 and i have not yet written one word for today’s challenge which is a murderous one.  Instead i have been answering emails what should have been answered last week or even the week before and making updates to the website and going for walks on the beach and making another coffee and now, at the prompting of a friend who said “you should post these up every day” i am posting this.  i will get to the play. i have until 10am GMT which for me means 6am tomorrow.

So here are the first 4 plays.  Not being a playwright or actor and not having any particular involvement in theatre, they are what they are.  If you read them, you will notice that although they are each a play of their own, i have set them up so that they could theoretically be linked together.

So for those of you with some time on your hands, here are the first 4 efforts…





And next year, if you have a lot of time or can fool yourself into thinking you do, i recommend giving the 28 days of 28 plays a try.

Feel free to tell me what you think at



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